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KVS Business Services Customers

“They consistently give us high quality service & deliver on what they promise.”
- Rhonda Abrams, President
The Planning Shop

“Church of the Pioneers Foundation has been a long time satisfied customer.”
- Russ Scotten, Church of the Pioneers Foundation (COPF)

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Services Offered:

Landscaping and Janitorial Customers

“The Kainos staff and clients that work at the YMCA are dedicated to their jobs and our members.”
- Julie Wesolek, Executive Director Sequoia YMCA

“The workers from Kainos have done a fantastic job. They have received compliments from all corners of the base”
- Master Sargent Michael DeAngeo, Air National Guard

 Click here for a list of our satisfied customers who are recipients of our landscaping and janitorial services.

Our teams provide a stable diversified group of employees to meet your specific staffing needs. Our employees are identified and selected for their skills, work experience and commitment to quality.

Our work teams consist of a group of Kainos employees and is accompanies by a site supervisor at no extra cost. This team works to complete various work duties identified by you.

What our work teams can do for you:

Direct Hire Placements

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Kainos works with employers to provide prescreened candidates that are work ready. We work closely with you to ensure that we are finding the right candidates for the job.

Once hired, we provide a high level of job coaching in the beginning to help the employer with the training aspects of the hiring. The job coach gradually decreases their involvement to a minimal amount. At this point job coaching is maintained at this minimal amount to help our workers continue to be successful in their workplace.

Benefits for Employers:

In 2012, of the 8,458,332 individuals with cognitive disabilities ages18 to 64 years living in the community, 1,924,807 individuals were employed—an employment rate of 22.8 percent.

In contrast, of the 175,690,083 individuals without disabilities ages 18 to 64 years living in the community, 129,274,939 individuals were employed—an employment rate of 73.6 percent.

Kainos’ Vocational Services program is designed to serve adults with disabilities in community based employment. A full spectrum of paid work options in a natural work environment enables an individual to earn a paycheck while developing their work skills and abilities. These opportunities serve to maximize potential, increase self-esteem, prepare individuals for community based employment and allow them to contribute to the local
economy. Our programs promote independence, self-sufficiency, emotional well being and increased financial independence.

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